How to install your living room in the veranda?

How to install your living room in the veranda?

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The veranda has become the new ally of owners who want to gain an extra room in the house without spending a fortune. If some use it as a terrace, others on the contrary make it a real extension of the house. Today, the editorial team is interested in the verandas that host the show and gives you some tips for planning.

A living room open to the house

If you find that your living room is too small, take advantage of the veranda to devote a few additional square meters. Here, completely open to the rest of the house, it allows you to extend the living space by accommodating the sofa, the rocking chair, the coffee table and the carpet. : lay the same tile on the floor! Finally, if you want to give yourself a little privacy, you can also install double curtains.

A large living room in the veranda

The living room can also fully invest in the veranda to free up space in the house to create a dining space for example. Thus, all your furniture finds its place there and benefits in addition to a very beautiful light and view on the outside.

A winter garden

Finally, you can take advantage of the veranda to create a small winter garden where it is good to relax. To do this, nothing simpler ! Adopt a garden furniture in braided resin or wrought iron and add here and there many plants. This room can also be transformed into a main living room if you want to enjoy this natural space all year round.