La Grande Serre: a 100% green subscription

La Grande Serre: a 100% green subscription

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La Grande Serre offers you a very original new concept: a tailor-made subscription to decorate your interior with beautiful plants. This will delight city dwellers who love gardens. La Grand Serre is the story of two friends who want to pass on their passion for green plants. Presentation of this new 100% green service.

La Grande Serre: A concept that appeals

Lack of time, lack of know-how or lack of space, it is not always easy to decorate your apartment or house with green plants. La Grande Serre has found the solution and has developed a practical and original subscription that will allow you to find a green and flowery "home" throughout the year. You choose your plants, your pots and the Grand Serre provides you with potting soil, fertilizer, installation and maintenance. The company undertakes to spend every quarter to check the good health of the plants you have purchased and give them a little beauty.

100% green and 100% French

Apprentice gardeners or enthusiasts, rest assured! All these pretty plants are produced entirely in France. They are cultivated with passion according to ecological methods which respect the environment. La Grande Serre offers city dwellers a wheelbarrow of rare and collectible plants that suit everyone's tastes and take into account the specifics of your interior. So even if you do not have a green thumb, do not hesitate and subscribe to the Grand Serre to give a little life to your interior!
// Subscription price: 29.90 euros per month


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