3 grandmother tips for bed

3 grandmother tips for bed

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Maintaining your mattress, folding the fitted sheet or putting on your duvet cover are all missions that put you off on a daily basis. However, with the few tips that will follow, you will today raise them with flying colors! Demonstration.

Tip # 1: use the burrito tip to put on your duvet cover

Put on your duvet cover ... what a hell! We spend hours there and sometimes we get tangled inside to the point of not finding the exit. Fortunately, the editorial team discovered the burrito trick (yes, yes, of the same name as the traditional Mexican dish), which will change our lives! To put your duvet cover in 2 minutes flat, follow the following steps: unfold the cover upside down on the bed then place the duvet on top. Roll up the duvet and the cover like a burrito. Open the cover, slide your hand inside, grab the duvet and pull. Unfold and shake. That's it !

Tip 2: fold the fitted sheet well

Whoever has never given up folding his fitted sheet due to the corners that are not easy to align, raises his hand. To fold it in two steps three movements, there is however an effective trick: hold your fitted sheet facing you lengthwise by placing your hands at the two corners of the sheet. Slide the corner in your right hand inside the corner in your left hand. Then place the corner at the bottom right inside the other two corners and repeat the operation with the last corner. Adjust the edges and place it on a flat surface to finish folding.

Tip 3: maintain the mattress regularly

It is heavy, we do not care that very rarely, and yet the mattress requires regular maintenance to save a backache and restless nights. Start by turning it often, in the direction of the width and the length. Every time you change your sheets, take the opportunity to ventilate it. To do this, simply open your bedroom windows. During this stage, you can also take the opportunity to vacuum your vacuum to remove the dust that has settled there. Finally, to perfect the maintenance, follow the advice of our great housework challenge - sprinkle baking soda on your mattress from time to time and leave it on for around thirty minutes. Vacuum, and enjoy a good smell - especially if you added a few drops of essential oil like our extreme reporter! - while being protected from invaders for months.


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