Special jam kitchen scales!

Special jam kitchen scales!

Summer is the jam season, hours spent in the kitchen mixing freshly picked fruit and sugar to cook delicious sweet dough for the coming year. The new collection of "Jam" scales from Terraillon has been designed to simplify this process. Presentation of these new products.

Completed calculations

Created especially for lovers of jams, the "Jam" scales from Terraillon all have a "jam" function. Just activate it after weighing the ready-to-cook fruit and the device automatically calculates the weight of sugar needed. Practical, the scale rings when the required quantity is reached. It only remains to cook the mixture.

Jams but not only

If the "Jam" scales from Terraillon have been specially designed for making jams, they are also provided with all the functions of a classic high-performance scale. They all weigh to the nearest gram and are fitted with a "pause" button, a tare function and the conversion from grams to milliliters.

To each his balance

Modern and stylish, the Jam scales all have an LCD screen and easy-to-clean glass trays. Depending on the needs of each, there are three different models. The NeoCook Jam (35 euros), classic black, has a weighing capacity of 5 kilograms, the MyCook 10 Jam (40 euros), immaculate white, a weighing capacity of 10 kilograms and finally the MyCook 15 Jam (50 euros), in different shades of gray, a weighing capacity of 15 kilograms. It's up to you to choose the one that best suits you based on the annual fruit picking!
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