Tutorial: colorful bracelets with leather cords

Tutorial: colorful bracelets with leather cords

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Making a bracelet is really easy! A few pieces of string, two or three pearls, and presto, we get a pretty marine bracelet! Some leather cords, pretty metal tubes, and presto, here are colorful and chic bracelets! Today, we are going to learn how to make colorful bracelets with leather cords.


- tubes 25 mm long and 1.55 mm in diameter - leather cords 0.8 mm in diameter in the desired colors - spring clasps - rings - end caps - flat pliers - a pair of scissors Budget: around 10 € Duration: one hour


1. To begin, measure the size of your wrist. Add 10 cm and cut a piece of cord of this length. Tie a single knot just under half the cord, then insert a tube. Tie a knot at the edge of the other end of the tube to keep it from moving.
2. On one end, fix the ring of the clasp by making a knot.
3. Attach a ring to the other end of the cord.
4. Repeat to create other bracelets with other colors, then add end caps to the ends.
5. You can also create bracelets with several towers and several tubes.


There you go, your bracelets are finished. It was pretty simple, right? And by playing with colors and sizes, you can create many combinations!


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