DIY kids: make a funny snowman bookmark

DIY kids: make a funny snowman bookmark

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Here is a funny little hairy guy who will soon accompany your children in all their readings . His sympathetic little head may make the most reluctant to open a book and reading will undoubtedly be more fun accompanied by a funny friend. This is a bookmark that your children can easily make by themselves with a simple paper clip and a few cotton threads. An ultra simple idea then, and which, as you will see, will greatly amuse your cherubim in the making phase, but also afterwards, when they use the famous little guy over the pages of the books. Follow the little white ermine that will guide your children through the steps of making the bookmark!


- one or more large paper clips (about 5 cm in length) made of metal or colored - different colors of cotton threads - a pair of mobile mini-eyes (or several pairs if your children make several, it's so easy to do !) - a pair of scissors - white multi-support glue


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