DIY kids: make a jigsaw puzzle for your kids

DIY kids: make a jigsaw puzzle for your kids

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We can do a lot of things with cardboard!… And in particular many very different games: after the toy car in a roll of toilet paper and the hedgehog awakening game in cardboard and clothespins, here is the shape puzzle, or more precisely the stacker of geometric shapes, made all in cardboard and with small wooden pins. Here is another game that will amuse the little ones a lot. To achieve this, you will need enough cardboard, a little patience and thoroughness, but nothing insurmountable. See for yourself: Plan: - enough honeycombed cardboard for 3 squares of 20 x 20 cm and 24 shapes (with a base of about 7 cm) - 10 wooden pins - a ruler, a square and a cutter - strong glue - a punch or a long thick needle - a drill - acrylic paint of several colors and brushes

This DIY is inspired by the creations of the very nice Russian blog Play and Grow (on blogspot).


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