DIY child: make a small jewelry box with match boxes

DIY child: make a small jewelry box with match boxes

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Here is a DIY idea that will appeal to both little girls and young ladies. Some will prefer to make this small drawer box to store their jewelry, others will plan to use it as a decorative box to store thumbtacks, paper clips and other odds and ends lying on the desk, others will imagine it. to store the hair clips and elastic sown everywhere in the bathroom ... In short, here is how to make a pretty drawer box useful for storing many small things ... Cherry on the cake, the realization is ultra simple and the necessary equipment ultra basic. In short, something to delight recycling enthusiasts! As of now, think about storing your empty match boxes ... What do you need for the realization of this drawer box? - A minimum of 3 match boxes (not mini boxes, eh!) - pretty patterned paper - lightly cardboard scrapbook paper - 3 buttons or 3 beads - cotton thread - a ruler - a pair of scissors - a big needle or a punch - white glue and the brush to apply it - possibly a glue gun (but you can do without using only white glue) - possibly a folding board (but you can also use it pass)


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