DIY child: make a thaumatrope (an optical game!)

DIY child: make a thaumatrope (an optical game!)

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Here is a little optical game that children will enjoy making on their own and observing when finished. A particularly interesting idea to implement during a small workshop for a birthday party for example! This will keep you busy and the kids will be happy to go home with a little smart game made by them. I speak of "intelligent game" because the phenomenon of optical illusion is really interesting to observe: with the speed of movement and under the effect of retinal persistence, the 2 images on each side of the thaumatrope will overlap and get confused… to give the effect of an animated image (a basic animated image obviously since there are only 2 successive images… but the principle is there!). There are many illustrations suitable for this kind of optical games. You can for example try the bird in a cage, the fish in the aquarium, the flowers in the vase, the butterfly on the flower, the sea lion playing ball, the juggling clown, the tiger that passes through the hoop. In short, there are lots of drawings to imagine! I used one of the favorite characters from my collection of wacky animals: the toucan… crazy! To make a thaumatrope, you will need: - fairly thick Bristol paper - 2 fairly long elastic bands - a compass - tracing paper (or a light tablet, or a window and sun!) - enough to draw and color - a pair scissors - stick glue - a hole punch


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