How to optimize a small bathroom?

How to optimize a small bathroom?

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As the housing shrinks, the bathroom is the room to be optimized par excellence. Sometimes a blind room, it can quickly become a confined and oppressive place. Fortunately, furniture, storage and decoration make these square meters an intimate and warm place in which one feels good ...

Play with colors to enlarge the space

We know that light colors visually enlarge a room. They are therefore appropriate in a small bathroom. However all white can be a little sad. Choose pastel and soft colors like a mother-of-pearl pink or a pale gray blue for example. You can also paint a wall in a tonic color like mimosa yellow or mango orange. But be careful not to saturate the bathroom with bright colors, at the risk of obtaining a "box" effect.

Smart furniture

Many solutions in terms of furniture exist today for small bathrooms. First choose a sink. Many models exist in small sizes, sometimes accompanied by a vanity unit allowing additional storage, a towel holder or removable shelves. Wash basins also exist with a small piece of furniture and a built-in toilet paper holder. For the choice of mirror, think of a mirror cabinet that will allow you to store your toiletries above the sink.

Use vertical storage

There may not be enough space on the ground, but there are still the walls! Optimize this often poorly exploited surface to hang various storage accessories. We think of the horizontal bars for the towel rails of course but also the fabric storage that can be hung behind the bathroom door for example. Choose vertical pieces of furniture that can go up almost to the ceiling, shower valets to stick on the walls of the shower, pocket shower curtains…