Gifts to avoid for Valentine's Day

Gifts to avoid for Valentine's Day

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"Oh thank you my love, you shouldn't have ..." We have all known this awkward moment when we receive a slightly moldy Valentine's Day gift that we would have done well. And yes, the intention is not always enough ... There are some precautions to take to escape the couple crisis. So to avoid missteps this year, good taste, tact and delicacy will be required. Without chewing your work, here are some tips to guide you in your choice of gifts.

Household appliances

Vacuum cleaner, iron and other fryer: we saw better romanticism level. Do you confuse Madame with the handyman? Pans, aprons and kitchen utensils are also to be banned. Conversely, ladies, offer a drill to remind him that he has had to fix this magnificent painting for two years in a flea market, it's average. If he still hasn't done it, it's because there is a reason.

A scale

If you are looking to break up without knowing how to go about it, this is the perfect gift.

Plastic flowers

It is the height of bad taste. It doesn't matter if they don't wilt: give her fresh flowers or choose another gift. The only possible exception: if the bouquet is part of a contemporary work of art, it will pass.

Cooking for dummies

A cookbook, a bad interpretation and the crisis is assured. Translation: "my love, I prefer to go to a restaurant". At your peril !

The replacement cushion

Offer him a pillow simulating your presence because you are not often at home and obviously it suits you. And pass for a goujat, that suits you? Pillow The lounge chair

An overdose of little hearts

Make it soft, forget the kitsch trinkets and other heart-shaped cushion: predictable and cucu at will. Prefer a card or a personalized message that will have a little effect.

A coupon

A voucher in a decoration store: it's a pretty intention that remains too impersonal. Do not hesitate to get wet and choose an object yourself.

An unpleasant scented candle

Nothing better to kill the atmosphere. In the same vein, refrain from offering an indoor air freshener.

An air of deja vu

To avoid being accused of your lack of investment, dig into your memory so as not to offer the same gift as last year, it would be unfortunate. To express your good will and above all to please for sure, nothing better than getting your hands dirty by making yourself a Valentine's Day gift.