The Kobold VG100, a window cleaner like no other

The Kobold VG100, a window cleaner like no other

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We all want a bright interior. Today, in homes as in apartments, windows and bay windows have a prominent place. But maintaining them can be a real chore. After conventional cleaning, traces may remain. To have impeccable windows, Vorwerk has developed an innovative and efficient window cleaner: The Kobold VG100 also known as the Kobold Vit'Pow.

Photo credit: Vorwerk

Kobold VG100: Easy to use

The Kobold VG100 window cleaner is really different. It stands out in particular for its ease of use. To use the Kobold, you need water and a cleaning product which you place in the tank provided for this purpose. Then install the microfiber cloth and turn on your device. Once switched on, place the Kobold VG100 at the top of the glass to be cleaned and then move it vertically from top to bottom. Once the surface has been cleaned, tilt the window cleaner slightly to peel it off and start again on another surface.

Photo credit: Vorwerk

The Vorwerk Kobold: a well thought out tool

The Kobold VG100 is incredibly well thought out. In addition to a very simple use, it is practical and efficient. The window cleaner is equipped with a small motor with a power of 30 watts. It works on battery, so you won't be bothered with the electric wire or the distance with the plug. Its use lasts on average 30 minutes. A microfiber cloth is sufficient for cleaning all the windows in your interior. Once the windows are clean, remove the wipe and machine wash it up to 60 ° without detergent. The wipe has an excellent lifespan, it does not fluff and has the capacity to retain a significant amount of water. To clean 20 m² of surface, the Kobold VG100 needs 80 ml of clear water and 5 ml of detergent. The latter is available from Vorwerk in the form of a bottle that can be used for around 40 uses.

Photo credit: Vorwerk

Impeccable result

Because it weighs less than 1 kg, the Kobold VG100 is very easy to use. You can handle it at arm's length with one hand. Dirt does not stand up to the Vorwerk window cleaner. Water marks, stains and grease disappear with a single pass. The Kobold VG100 can be used on all types of smooth and untreated glass. It is therefore suitable for windows, bay windows, display cases, mirrors and glass tables.

Photo credit: Vorwerk

How to buy the Kobold VG100 window cleaner?

You are seduced by the Kobold VG100 and you want to get the device? Go to The Kobold VG100 window cleaner is sold with its base, 2 wipes, a bottle of cleaner and a charger. Price: 249 euros

Photo credit: Vorwerk


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