4 essential tools for spring cleaning in the garden

4 essential tools for spring cleaning in the garden

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Do you want to spend time in your garden, but winter has left some traces? Don't panic, with the right tools and a little elbow grease, you can give it a little makeover. Follow the guide, and get these four essential tools as quickly as possible.

A leaf broom

When you want to freshen up your garden, you must first eliminate the damage caused by winter. It is of course necessary to collect the evergreen leaves but also all the little dead wood lying around here and there. To help you, nothing like a good rake that harvests all the unwanted plants without tearing the grass. Prefer plastic tooth models, which are less aggressive for lawns than steel. For beds and less accessible corners of the garden, the brooms also exist in mini-format. Do not forget to bring a bucket or a suitable bag to store all the vegetable waste before putting it in the compost or in the bin provided for this purpose!

A hedge trimmer

With the arrival of sunny days, it's time to give your trees a beautiful look. This year, no question of being robbed of the limelight by the superb hedges of the neighbor! We take action by obtaining a hedge trimmer, easy to handle and light so as not to run out in no time. Handle it by positioning yourself at an angle to your hedge, not forgetting the protective glasses that will prevent you from receiving tiny plant debris in the eye.

A lawn mower

After the trees, it's the turn of the lawn to get a facelift. So invest in a good lawn mower that will come in handy throughout spring and summer. To have a beautiful garden, there is no question of neglecting the grass or the borders, which are difficult to access. Two options are possible: the traditional, robust and efficient mower, or the electric mower, much lighter and easier to handle. Only drawback, the electric wire, which can sometimes be cumbersome on the lawn ... Finally, so that everything is impeccable, you can tweak with a very practical edger or shears for finishing.


To perfect the garden, you must also take care of small shrubs or roses. Your ally to pamper them? A pruning shears, anvil or rack, convenient to cut them. Remember to sharpen it from time to time so that it remains effective throughout the year!
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