How to clean your fryer with oil?

How to clean your fryer with oil?

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The title seems crazy and, even more annoying, we can believe that the person who wrote this article is himself crazy. After having thoroughly cleaned my refrigerator and polished my sink with flour, I therefore attack the fryer. The latter has been neglected for too long and what had to happen happened, it definitely got dirty. Definitely? No, thanks to a miracle product on which I would not have bet: oil! (or how to fight evil with evil) We must first clarify an important thing: the trick only works on a stainless steel fryer. If you try to clean your plastic fryer with oil, you will only get an oily fryer which is far from the original intention. Another note: it is a question of cleaning the outside of the fryer, for the inside it will be necessary to have recourse to other methods a little more muscular (which you can precisely find in our tips of grandmother). These two details revealed, the miracle is real: yes you can actually clean your fryer with oil.

Equipment needed to clean a fryer with oil

- a dirty (even very dirty) stainless steel fryer - oil - cotton cleansers - food bicarbonate - hot water - a microfiber towel Place three spoonfuls of bicarbonate in a saucer. Pour a little olive oil on your cleansing cotton and then recover a little bicarbonate by tapping your cotton on the oil side. You will now be able to wash your fryer by rubbing the outside with your cotton. No need to force, just make small circular movements and the bicarbonate will act as an exfoliation.
Once you've gone around your fryer, simply wipe off the excess oil and baking soda using a microfiber towel dipped in very hot water.
Again, a before / after photo that leaves no room for doubt! To tell you the truth, I myself was surprised by the result and the good news is that this trick works just as well with any other stainless steel surface as a microwave or refrigerator. To celebrate, what if we made good donuts?
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