The Kids collection by Monbento

The Kids collection by Monbento

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Bento is a Japanese term for the quick meal or snack contained in a small box taken outside the house. It is also a way of presenting the unique and extremely popular dish in Japan, where aesthetics - especially in the field of gastronomy - is of great importance. The success of Japanese cuisine increasing from year to year, it is quite natural that many French people have adopted the Japanese lifestyle. What if you in turn introduced your children to this new way of eating lunch?

Playful boxes for meals as beautiful as they are tasty

The Monbento brand specializes in the design of Japanese-style lunch boxes. Its online sales site offers a wide choice of products with practicality and style as the watchwords. The Kids range, the latest addition to the catalog, was created to give little nomadic gourmets a boost in learning how to eat well with customizable, fun and functional products. In the end, a collection of colorful and perfectly compartmentalized boxes in which we can integrate starter, main course and dessert! The brand has also thought of family ties by integrating into the lid of each box a tablet under which parents can slip a tender note, a good point or a pre-printed binding game. It is therefore a box of multiple surprises that will delight little ones when they come to eat!

The collection

The Monbento Kids range is available in two colorful lunch boxes: - The MB Trésor: modular and ultra compact, this bento created for children adapts to all tastes of gourmets in short pants thanks to its container (450 ml) and its two microwaveable and hermetic boxes (150 ml each). Dimensions 16 x 9.2 x 10.4 cm, capacity: 0.9 L. Price 19,95€. - The MB Gram is the box dedicated to afternoon tea. Compact and resistant, it is dishwasher safe - just like the large model - and can accommodate up to 600ml of food. Dimensions: 14.8 x 7 x 11.4 cm, price:14,90€.

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