The decor put in boxes

The decor put in boxes

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As practical as they are pretty, the boxes are our new decorative allies. Designed in wood, cardboard or even metal, they are adorned with ever more original patterns and ever more sought-after colors. Easy to slip them into our interior without them denoting a second! Placed in a library, on a sideboard or on the bedside table, they allow us to store everything that hangs around here and there. Quick, we want our decorative box! Square, rectangular, round… with colorful patterns, graphic or plain prints, the boxes have fun with all the decor trends. This is surely why she has all the arguments to make us fall in love! In a child's room, we suggest models of hyper-colored boxes with funny shapes to make your little ones want to put away their toys without having to ask. In the larger one, we adopt pretty feminine boxes to store bottles of perfumes or jewelry. In the living room, we turn to the graphic boxes in black and white or in pastel colors. Installed on the sideboard, a shelf or even on the coffee table they are real more decorative!
1. The set of 3 House Doctor graphic boxes, € 17.50 at Twicy / 2. The box with KVITTRA cover, € 5.99 at Ikea / 3. The set of 2 House Doctor printed boxes, € 36 at Twicy / 4 The Pantone Seletti metal storage box, € 17.90 at Decoclico / 5. The Triangles compartment box, € 15.90 at Atomic Soda / 6. The Ferm Living Spire boxes, € 22 at Made in design


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