Knitting: learning to knit ribs 1/1

Knitting: learning to knit ribs 1/1

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Ribs 1/1 knitted are the simplest ribs to make. They are made by alternately knitting a knit stitch and a reverse stitch. Row 1: place the ball of yarn on the back of the work, knit one stitch, then bring the yarn to the front of the work and knit one wrong side. Continue in this way all along the row, alternating a right stitch and then a reverse stitch. Row 2 and following: as before, alternately knit one stitch over a knitted stitch from the previous row, then a reverse stitch over a reverse stitch from the previous row. Remember to bring the thread on the back of the piece for news: 737449 knit one stitch and on the front for news: 737447 knit one side.


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