Knitting: learning to bind stitches

Knitting: learning to bind stitches

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Folding the stitches will stop the stitches and remove the needles from the finished work. Here we will teach you how to cast off one stitch. 1. Knit the first two stitches.
2. Slip the left needle into the first stitch knitted on the right needle. Pass this stitch over the second knitted stitch, then remove it from the needle, so that there is only one stitch left on the right needle.
3. Knit another stitch on the left needle, then pass the stitch over the previously knitted stitch. Do this until there is only one stitch left on the right needle.
4. Finally, cut the ball of yarn, leaving a strand of about ten centimeters. Then pass the thread in the last loop and tighten to complete the work.


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