A decorative shower curtain in my bathroom

A decorative shower curtain in my bathroom

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To make your shower a space of well-being, start by betting on a decor that suits you. It starts with the choice of shower curtain: colorful, original patterns, there are endless to decorate your bathroom to your taste. Here are some ideas to help you choose yours.

Childish patterns

If you want to make your bathroom a real playground, you should turn to a curtain with childish patterns. Large soap bubbles, comic strip characters or animal drawings are among our favorites. You can also choose a shower curtain with funny messages that will bring a touch of humor to the decor.

Find the hedgehog curtain on Etsy

Some scratches

As we know, stripes are a sure bet when it comes to decor. In a bathroom full of good humor, we dare them in vibrant colors like pink, yellow or red. We do not hesitate to choose a colorful model that mixes several colors. In a sober bathroom, you can also bet on stripes in more neutral tones like brown, beige or black to give a graphic effect.

Striped curtain to find on La Redoute

Nature spirit

The Zen spirit bathroom has won all the votes for some time. There is no question of denoting the well-being atmosphere with an irrelevant shower curtain. We therefore put on a solid green model or on patterns that recall nature. One thinks, for example, of the bamboo, pebble or ivy designs that cover the entire curtain.

Curtain to find on H&M Home


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