Separate your spaces with removable partitions!

Separate your spaces with removable partitions!

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Small or large spaces need to be delimited to offer more privacy to its occupants. To avoid locking yourself behind a wall, opt for the freedom of removable partitions like curtains or screens. To find the system that best suits your interior, the editorial team has launched a search for chic and super decorative partitions. Discover our shopping selection without further delay.

Curtains as a removable partition guide

The cheapest and easiest solution to separate two spaces is of course the use of curtains. Wire curtain and bamboo curtain mark a real separation without partitioning since you can easily pass through.

A screen for easy demarcation

The screen is also a great way to define a space as desired. Unlike curtains, it moves when you want and can be installed in the four corners of a room. In the bedroom for example, it can create a small corner of privacy for changing or even separate the sleeping area from the bathroom area. In a living room, it can delimit the sofa corner from the dining area. The advantage is that they exist in many sizes and for all decorative styles.

A removable design partition

Finally, if you want a more design separation, turn to less expected partitions such as algae to assemble Bouroullec Brothers available in 7 colors. Another contemporary find: the Stixx partition made by Koziol which can be used as a wall decoration as well as dividing a room into several spaces.
1. The JORDET screen, € 39 at Ikea / 2. The purple wire curtain, € 6.99 at Eminza / 3. The Stixx partition, € 6.60 at / 4. The bamboo door curtain , € 39.99 at Castorama / 5. The blue Porquerolles screen, € 169.90 at Maisons du Monde / 6. The decorative Vitra seaweed, € 69 at Le rendez-vous / 7. The white Spaghetti thread curtain, 7, € 90 at Leroy Merlin


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