Create an aromatic planter for a sunny display

Create an aromatic planter for a sunny display

Aromatic plants are as useful as they are tasty. They are used in 1001 ways to cure our sores, to clean the house or to enhance our daily meals. In house as in apartment, it is possible to have aromatic plants, in particular by growing them in planters. It is the exposure of this planter that will determine its content. To find out what makes up an aromatic planter for a sunny exhibition, we found Pierre at Truffaut's.

To create an aromatic planter, do you really have to take into account the sunshine?

Yes ! The sunshine directly impacts the composition of a planter. Some aromatic plants need more sun than others. Also the exposure of the planter, whether on the edge of a window, on a terrace or on a balcony, determines what type of plants to choose.

Which aromatic plants to choose for a sunny exposure?

If you want to put your aromatic planter in the sun, you should bet on chives, coriander, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, borage or hyssop. Dill and basil are two aromatic plants that also need sunny exposure. On the other hand, these plants must imperatively be planted in planters which will be placed sheltered from the wind.

When should we prepare these aromatic planters?

Aromatic plants, whether intended for a planter or garden, are to be grown in the spring. I strongly recommend that you buy plants and not seeds, so you are guaranteed to have your aromatic plants at your disposal from the first heat.

What type of planter to choose for aromatic plants?

You should choose planters with drainage holes. The latter allow drainage of plants. The ideal is to have hanging planters. If this is impossible and the planters for aromatics are installed, it is advisable to place clay balls in the potting soil to reduce excess water. In terms of color and material, you have the choice!

How to plant aromatic plants?

You should place clay balls at the bottom of the planters or gravel. Fill half the planter with potting soil, place your plants and complete the planter with potting soil. Generously water your aromatic plants.

Do you have any maintenance advice to give us?

Yes. Make sure your planters are always clean and don't let weeds settle. Water your aromatic plants regularly. The soil should never be dry. Thanks to the holes in the planters and the clay balls, the roots will be properly drained.