Tutorial: a custom tin can with wool

Tutorial: a custom tin can with wool

Sometimes a watering can, an acoustic telephone, a game of massacre or even a measuring cup, the can, symbol of the consumer society par excellence, is certainly the most diverted object in the whole world! Today, we are going to make a pretty trendy and colorful jar by customizing a tin can with the latest: 739827 wool.


- a ball of thick wool - a pair of scissors - a tin can - a tube of glue Budget: around € 5 Duration: 2 hours


1. To begin, make a braid the length of the perimeter of the can.
2. Make a second braid of the same thickness, then a third, much thicker braid.
3. Glue the braids to the ends of the can by putting a dot of glue at least every centimeter.
4. Wrap a woolen thread all around the box by putting a point of glue punctually.


And here is a very nice box in which you can store your news: 739807 brushes, pencils or makeup accessories! With a can, you can make all kinds of decorative objects: transform it for example into an original lamp! Isn't that the best reason to open a box of ravioli this afternoon?
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