Before / After: Clean and modernize a small kitchen from the 70s

Before / After: Clean and modernize a small kitchen from the 70s

The kitchen and the bathroom being the most expensive items in terms of interior renovation, many apartments are still equipped with fittings dating from the 60s and 70s. This is the case of this Parisian habitat, furnished with a kitchen pleasant surface, but dark and not very functional. Located in the recess of the open living room, it is hidden behind an imposing bar plan which prevents the installation of a TV cabinet and a library in the living room. The owners therefore called on the architects of SieMatic, a kitchen specialist specializing in tailor-made upscale furnishings, in order to rethink its layout and bring a contemporary touch to the whole. Successful bet for Clara Pereira, architect in charge of the project, who knew how to restore the purity to this small space while cleverly hiding the unsightly elements.

Immaculate cuisine

Before : The kitchen open to the living room reveals a dark green wall tiling as well as old-fashioned furniture and unsightly elements (garbage can and electrical panel). In terms of colors, the room displays a lack of visual coherence which results from the many colors present in the room. The layout is also to be reviewed: the imposing bar plan is disproportionate compared to the surface of the kitchen. Cedernier at the same time encroaches on the living room, thus preventing the installation of a TV / library space.
After : Clara Pereira opted for the removal of the bar and the extension of one of the two walls in order to save space devoted to storage, on the living room and living room side. The location of the EDF meter has been changed and the garbage chute plugged to make room for a clean and harmonious whole. The colors have disappeared in favor of white, punctuated with a few touches of light gray.

Removal of a door to fill a vacant space

Before : Access to the kitchen is through a door leading directly to the corridor, very little used since the kitchen is open to the living room. This double entry, completely unused, constitutes a significant loss of space. After : The door which gave access to the kitchen from the entrance was closed. The space left vacant is now used to integrate a refrigerator hidden in a cupboard, as well as cupboards for the storage of utensils.

High-end materials

Before : The kitchen does not have a particular style and remains furnished in a very classic way. It lacks storage and adequate lighting. After : The owners chose the SieMatic model without handles, S2K laminate in white lotus color. With its stainless steel hands and bases, the integrated LED lighting under the tall units, the lacquered glass splashbacks and the concrete-like ceramic worktop, the new kitchen is totally in tune with the times. The mixture of Zen and contemporary styles blends perfectly into the immaculate atmosphere of the apartment, which now bathes in natural light, increased tenfold by the whiteness of the walls and furniture.